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Perforated cable trays, cable channels and ladder cable trays and accessories are safe and economical solutions for supporting requirements of electric power, signal, control, instrumentation and communication cables in numerous applications and places like industrial facilities, hospitals, airports, tunnels, bridges etc.

Standard widths of cable tray units are 50, 100, 200, 300 i 400 mm, custom ordered to 600mm. Standard lengths of a cable tray unit are 2000 and 2500mm, custom ordered to 3000mm.


Perforated and ladder cable trays are made of quality zinced tin, and can be extra protected by hot zincing or plastification.

Sendzimir’s method of contiguos coating of zinc give us 275 g/m2 or 20µm thick layer of zinc over a tin.

Hot zincing is done by drowning a unit into a melted zinc which give us 40-570 g/m2 or 70-80µm thick layer of protective zinc over a tin.

Plastification is process of electrostatical coating of tin with resin powder and polymerisation at cca. 200 °C which creates protective layer 80-100µm thick. Because of it’s features it is recommended in chemical and nutrition industry.